Add Open Houses

Open houses are a great way to show off your properties and raise interest in the homes that you are selling. This lesson will show you how you can add and edit open house information right in IDX Broker.

IDX Broker will pull in open house information from your MLS, if it is offered. While you are editing your MLS information you can add in open houses and be done with the process.

If your MLS does not support open houses from their interface or you want them to appear instantly on your site, add these open houses from within your IDX dashboard.

To do this, just log into your IDX Broker account. You can add open house information to your supplemental, pending or featured listings. For your featured listings navigate to Listings -> Active.

This is a list of all your featured listings. In the table there are columns labeled VT and OH. These stand for Virtual Tour and Open House.

To add new open house information, I’m just going to click on the number in the OH column, next to the property I want.

When the modal pops up I can enter all the particulars about this open house. Pick a date from the calendar, set the start and end times. If you have an office account you can even specify the host, here.

Then finish it off with any comments and submit the information.

Now when you visit the results or detail pages, the Open house information will be available.

You can also edit any open house information entered within IDX Broker or delete one that is no longer accurate. Just click the number again to pull up the edit panel.

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