Agent Header Code

Agent Header Code

Office and Team account users may tag any IDX link with their Agent code. This accomplishes two things:

  • Any visitor to a “tagged” page will be assigned to the Agent ID provided by the tag.
  • Any tagged IDX page will display the Agent’s custom subheader (if the Agent has provided one via their bio page settings).

If the primary account holder has given permission, you can add unique subheader content to co-brand the Office IDX pages.

You may simply append a unique tag to any of your IDX page links to direct leads to your IDX pages. When a user visits one of those tagged page links, your bio subheader will appear at the top of every IDX page on the website. More importantly, that lead will automatically be assigned to you. By taking advantage of this feature, you can capture leads from any source, such as Customer email communications, Social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook, and Blog posts.


To get started with unique subheader content, log into your IDX Broker control panel. Click Home in the main menu and Bio in the submenu.


Click Sub-Header in the row of tabs on the Edit Agent screen.


On this screen you will see your agentHeaderID tag, as well as an editor you can use to add subheader content. This will display at the top of any IDX page that has been appended with your agent tag.


Send visitors to an IDX page with your subheader, by adding “?agentHeaderID=” and your agent id to the end of any IDX page URL. There is an example of a link right here on this subheader page so that you will know what it should look like.


Congratulations on learning about additional branding for your IDX pages.

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