Create a Lead

Create a Lead

Leads are automatically added to your IDX account each time a visitor fills out one of your IDX contact forms. In this lesson you will learn how to also manually create a lead in your account.

Click Leads in the main menu, Leads in the submenu, and Create from the drop-down menu.


Add as much or as little information about the lead as you like in the Account Information form. If your lead would like to receive emails to multiple accounts, just add an additional email address in this form. The only required fields are First Name and Email Address.


Next, fill out the Account Settings.

Most folks can accept HTML emails, but you can change that here if you encounter formatting issues.


With an Office account, you may assign the lead to one of your agents to manage and follow up.


Select a category for the lead from the drop-down menu provided.


Since we are creating this lead for the first time, we obviously do not want it disabled.


Leave the Lead Can Login at Yes if you would like the lead to be able to login to save more searches or properties and view their searches.



When you are finished filling out both sections, Save Changes. Your lead is now stored in your account and viewable in the Lead Management screen.

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