Create a Dynamic Wrapper

Create a Dynamic Wrapper

Wrappers are what match your IDX pages to the rest of your website. A dynamic wrapper takes a page from your website to style IDX. Create a dynamic wrapper if you don’t want to change your static wrapper every time you change your site. This tutorial should help you create your very first dynamic wrapper.


If you are using WordPress there is an automated way to do this and you can find additional help on


Create a new Page in your website. Title the page with something that will be appropriate for all your IDX pages. Do NOT add this new page to your navigation menu. The graphics and layout of this page (except the inner content) will be duplicated for your IDX Pages.

This process should work with any website builder or CMS that uses absolute links.


Determine where the IDX content needs to be displayed on the page. This is usually the main content area of the page.

Here we will be adding tags for IDX Broker to determine where to place the IDX content. The tags are as follows:

<div id="idxStart"></div>

<div id="idxStop"></div>

This will need to be in text or HTML mode, not visual or WYSIWYG view.


In the IDX Control Panel go to the Designs button and the Wrappers section. Choose which wrapper you would like to work with, Global, Categories, Pages, or Saved Links, and choose Dynamic as the type of wrapper.


On this screen, you will see a field to paste in a URL. Paste in the address of the page that you previously created on your website.


Now hit save and you can visit any of your IDX Broker pages to make sure that it worked.


Those are the basics of creating a dynamic wrapper. If you have issues, please reach out for addition support.

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