Create Your First Showcase Widget

Create Your First Showcase Widget

5This lesson will walk you through creating your first Showcase Widget. The process will be similar for all IDX Broker widgets that display property information.

showcase widget

To create a showcase widget, click Designs in the main menu, Widgets in the submenu, and Create from the dropdown menu.

Use the drop-down menu to select which property set to display in your showcase. Here is a quick explanation of each option:

  • Featured Properties – Any active listing associated with your Agent ID or Office ID (if subscribed to an Office Account). This property set will match the listings showing up under the Listings section in your control panel.
  • Supplemental Properties – Any manually added listing in your account in the Listings -> Supplemental area of your control panel. These listings are not included in the data we receive from your MLS and are sometimes called pocket listings .
  • Featured + Supplemental – This property set includes all MLS listings associated with your agent or office ID and any supplemental listings you have added to your account.
  • Featured Agent(s) Properties – This option will include only the currently active listing of one (or a selection) of the agents in your Office account (an Office level account is necessary for this option).
  • Sold/Pending Properties – Any sold or pending listings stored in your account. This property set matches listings found in the Listings -> Sold Pending area of your control panel.
  • Custom Search – Choose this option to create a showcase based on search criteria. This option can come in handy if you would like to create a showcase for a neighborhood, subdivision, or area. You can use any search criteria available from your MLS.
  • Custom List – Build your property set using a list of MLS ID numbers. This option is great if you would like to display a very specific set of properties. Simply enter in the MLS ID numbers for the properties you would like to display in the showcase.
  • Polygon Search – The polygon search option is useful if you would like to include listings in a very specific area that maybe your MLS doesn’t have accurate enough results for using search criteria alone. Using the polygon tool you can draw a shape on a map outlining just the area of listings you want to include.
  • Build (Copy & Paste) Link – This option allows you to take prebuilt search pages and just paste the link to essentially make a copy of a saved link search results in widget format.

The custom search option is a good place to start for your first widget. This is the most popular option and provides you the widest range of possible properties for your widget.

The advanced page provides the most options, including subdivision, which is a very popular field.

Now choose search criteria. Remember you can always come back and edit these options later, if you wish.

At any point while setting the criteria, select the View Results in New Window button to see if the search pulls the properties you are expecting.

Once you’re satisfied with the search, name your widget and select Build Widget to complete the magic.

You are now presented with a bit of code. Place this code on any webpage to show your new widget.

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