Create a Targeted Facebook Ad

Create a Targeted Facebook Ad

This tutorial will help you create a landing page for your cost-effective targeted ad campaign.


Targeted online advertising can be effective, but you need to have a dedicated landing page. If you use a targeted ad-campaign, but then send leads to a homepage which doesn’t match the ad text, you will turn off your prospects. This is where a saved link can help.


Create a dynamic page of properties within a certain price range that share a feature or location. This page will always have the latest data and can instantly give your leads the content they seek.


To create a saved link, log in to your IDX Broker account and click on Designs in the main menu, Saved Links in the submenu, and select Create from the dropdown.

I’m going to build it off an Advanced Search, as this offers the most options.


I am creating a page for homes between 400 and 800 thousand that have docks.


Set your title and metatags and design a good subheader, as this may be the first page your visitors see.


Be sure to click save and manage links.


Now you have a link to use in Facebook Ads Manager.


When you create an ad in Facebook you can grab this link to enter at the URL to promote.

Now just Choose an Audience that matches your saved link. In this example I can focus on people who are into watersports, as they might want a home with a dock. Now just finish your ad with budget and other options.

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