Custom Location List

Custom Location List

If you find that the list of cities on your IDX search is overwhelming or irrelevant, you can set up a custom list for use on any of your search pages or search widgets.

To edit an existing list, click Preferences in the main menu, City/County/Postal Code Lists in the submenu, and Manage from the dropdown menu.

Here are default lists, filled with every location pulled from the MLS data.

Select the pencil icon next to the list you wish to edit.

On the left of the screen we can check each item to remove and hit the ‘remove selected’ button.

In the ‘Previously Removed’ section, we can restore items at any time, expanding your search area.

Dynamic lists that come with the account are liable to change as the MLS adds new listings. To create a static list, or additional lists for different pages, go back to Preferences -> City/County/Postal Code Lists, and select Create from the dropdown.


Select the location type you want to populate. I am going to create a city list.

Now we have a blank slate. Add items one by one, or bulk fill the list and then refine it.


You can add all the cities from the MLS. Now select all of the items and click the checkboxes next to the cities that you want to keep. When ready, ‘remove selected’. You can even sort the list to reorder the locations to suit your market.

Then click ‘finalize and continue’.

Name the new list and apply it to whichever pages you want.

Now you have manageable lists to use for your IDX searches.

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