Dynamic SEO Detail Settings

Dynamic SEO Detail Settings

IDX Broker provides your website with thousands of property detail pages. This lesson should help you edit the dynamic SEO detail settings.

Log into your IDX Broker account and visit Designs and Pages. Scroll down to Details Pages and Edit Preferences.

In this first section you can choose how the tail of the URL for Details pages is built. By clicking in the box you’ll get a list below it of the optional values to build the URL. You can also rearrange them by clicking and dragging them left or right.


The line below this box gives the preview of the link as it would appear on a sample Details page.


You can add Dynamic tags into your Title or Meta Tags by clicking the Add dynamic tag link on the right of the three fields. You’ll get a pop-up box that displays the core options for Dynamic SEO tags.

Clicking on any of these tags will instantly add them to the field you are editing. You can rearrange them by copying and pasting them in a different order.

You can also mix plain text into these fields to create unique and relevant content.


The Dynamic elements of your Title and Meta Tags will be different on each and every property details page according to the details of the listings themselves.

Don’t forget to Save Changes when you have these set.

Once you have set up your Dynamic SEO Tags, you should be able to see them in action by viewing the source code of one of your details pages.

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