Global Lead Registration

Global Lead Registration

To set global lead registration rules, click Leads in the main menu, and Lead Registration Preferences in the submenu.

Your landing page shows the Simple set of lead registration preferences.


If you don’t have a lot of time you can start by just setting one of these three options.


Conservative sets no registration rules on any page. This effectively turns off your lead registration pop-ups.

Balanced requests registration once after visitors see Featured Properties and Featured Open Houses pages. This option forces registration after 5 detail listing pages.

Aggressive requests after every 3 results pages. Registration is forced after 3 details pages.


For fine-tuned control over the global lead registration rules, visit the Advanced Lead Registration preferences by clicking the Advanced toggle at the top of this screen, or by clicking the Custom option, then Customize Settings.


Once in Advanced mode, click the Global Registration Rules tab.

Here are check boxes for both Request Registration and Force Registration for each of your 5 categories of IDX pages: Search, Map Search, Results, Details, and Photo Gallery.

Once any check box is selected, further options become available for the Request or Force popup.


Setting your Request Registration option to recurring will display the signup form to your users each time the specified number of pages in the category is viewed. Set this using the box provided.

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