Header Tags

Header Tags

This lesson should help you start using dynamic header tags to add more information to your details pages and increase SEO.


To make use of this feature, navigate to Designs–>Subheaders


From here you can select the Categories button and the category of Details.


Add in your subheader information in the provided editor. In this area you can enter any information to display above the IDX Broker content, including links to images, static text, and videos.


To place dynamic attributes, enter the variable surrounded by double curly brackets.

Please note that as soon as you enter 2 curly brackets, the interface provides a list of variables for you to choose from.


Address is a good starting place, but you can find a full list of variables in our Knowledgebase.


Once you’ve added the variables to suit your needs, just tag them as headings. Our system will recognize the header tags and print the content, instead of what is shown in this editor.


Select the whole variable and assign the formatting to any of the header tags, for example Header 1 (H1).

Save the changes to your subheader and view any of your details pages to see the result.

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