Lead Routing Priority

Ensure that leads get the appropriate agents for a quick follow up. Here you will learn how the IDX Broker system assigns leads to users.


If contact routing is enabled under Leads -> Contact Routing, there are many routes upon which leads can be sent. Some methods of assigning leads to agents will override others.


Once a lead has been assigned an agent, that lead will stay with that agent until changed through our API, or at Leads, Leads-Manage. No other level (including agent cookies) will override this.


Under Leads, Lead Registration settings and Advanced, you can add an assigned agent field. Leads can then choose which agent they wish to work with when they signup or use a contact form.


A persistent cookie is set if a visitor accesses any IDX page on your site with an agent’s internal ID appended to it. For example, any site visitor that lands on a page with Isabelle‚Äôs id in the URL will be assigned to her:


This is particularly useful if the agent is referring visitors to a search form on their company’s site from a personal site or through email. The agent can generate leads through the company’s account without requiring their own personal IDX account.


If a new lead has not been assigned an agent or come in through an agent bio page, then the next priority is by featured property. If a lead contacts you about a specific property whose listing agent is in your office, the lead will be sent to that agent.


If a lead does not meet any of the previous criteria, then leads will be distributed per the contact routing options available in the Leads, Contact Routing, Manage section of your admin control panel.


Here you can set the leads to route via round robin, location, or a combination of criteria.


If none of these routing rules are met, then all leads will be sent to the primary contact email on your account.

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