Manage Your Featured Listings

Manage Your Featured Listings

Within your IDX Broker dashboard, active listings are listings that are associated with you or your office, are currently for sale, and can be displayed in the IDX data on your website.


IDX Broker automatically updates your listings with the latest data from the MLS. There may be times when price changes, property descriptions, photo updates, etcetera cannot wait until the next MLS data update. We understand this and have provided you with a set of listing management tools for your Featured Listings.

To view your Active listings, click Listings in the main menu, and Active in the submenu.


If you have a lot of listings, you can Search for a particular listing with the search box toward the upper right of the screen. Filter the listings table by certain criterion by clicking the Filter link above the search box. You can also re-sort most columns by clicking the heading.


Once you are ready to edit a listing, use the icons provided in the Tools column.


Use the Camera icon to edit the images for the listing. You can upload new photos, delete existing photos, or define a custom order for your photo gallery. You can also add captions to any of the photos.

Use the House icon to edit the listing details. On the Edit Listing page you can update information about the listing such as price, address, beds, baths, and description. If you need to undo any changes and use the data provided by the MLS, just click in the orange Revert completely to MLS data button at the bottom of the screen.

Use the target Location icon to edit the map location for the listing. On the Geocode Manager page, simply drag and drop the pin on the map to the desired location for the listing. This will automatically change the latitude and longitude coordinates to the left under “Option 1”. You can also manually type in new latitude and longitude coordinates. “Option 2” allows you to find new latitude and longitude based on a street address. Don’t forget to save your changes.


That’s it. Congratulations now you can manage your IDX featured listings like a pro.

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