Manage Signup Preferences

Manage Signup Preferences

Provide the best initial contact with new leads, while capturing the contact information you need by editing your signup preferences.


To start, just log in to your IDX Broker account and visit Leads and Lead Registration Preferences. Open the Advanced option.


The first tab is the signup page. This page will affect all your contact pages, including the lead signup.


Enable social media logins for visitors to skip the form entirely. This will allow them to use their credentials from either Google or Facebook to sign up as a lead. This is the simplest option for leads and mitigates any confusion or mistyped registration information.

For visitors who prefer the signup form, turn on the Captcha to avoid getting spam signups. Then decide what information you require to best serve your clients. Some basic fields include name, address, email and phone. You can make these fields required or optional. Choose what information you would like, but don’t turn away clients by asking for too much information or they may just leave for another site.


Once you have the form set to your liking, save changes and move on to the thank you page.


This is what visitors will see right after they fill out the form that you just dialed in.


We have a default message for all accounts, but consider taking some time to customize this message with your unique voice. Be sure to save your changes.


Likewise, on the next tab, Email Verification, try to write a subject and message that feels more like it’s coming straight from your office. This is the first correspondence that this lead is likely to see from you. Make a good first impression.


Once you’ve saved the changes again, you’re done.

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