Set Map Coordinates

All the maps in your IDX Broker account default to center around the office address in your account settings.


The global latitude and longitude setting is similar to your latitude and longitude setting in the Map Search page preferences, except that it governs the center point for all maps within your Control Panel as well. For example, the Saved Link Polygon tool.


To change the center of your maps, navigate to Preferences -> Global Preferences and click the Map tab.


If the Latitude and Longitude boxes are empty here, you can add the coordinates by looking up a street address. Press the “Look Up New Values” button and enter a street address and postal code, no city or state are necessary.


You can also set the global default zoom level here.

Be sure to save your changes.

There is one other place to make this change, so just to cover all the bases, navigate to Designs->Pages and edit the preferences on the map search page.

Click the Search Setup tab to find your map.


Ensure the map is set to your desired area. If the map is not where you’d like, click on the map and drag it to your chosen location, then adjust the zoom level to your liking. Be sure to save any changes you’ve made.


Please note that the browser remembers where you last set the map on the live page, so you may need to clear your cache before seeing the change.


Congratulations on resetting the center of your IDX maps.

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