Subdomain Overview

Subdomain Overview

Setting up a Custom Subdomain is an excellent tool to boost your SEO, since it will return the credit for the IDX pages back to your primary domain. Start with IDX Broker SEO with this quick subdomain overview.

By default, IDX Pages are hosted on a subdomain of This means that your IDX pages would appear at an address like,

Instead of using the standard subdomain URL arrangement, you can implement a custom subdomain of your choosing. This ensures that pages indexed by Google and other search engines are associated with your primary website (instead of ours).

Your subdomain can be anything you would like. Some popular choices are search, realestate, and homes.

Once you have a subdomain or CNAME created on your nameserver and it’s pointing to, you need to tell IDX Broker about it.

Do this by logging into IDX Broker and navigating to Account, Account info.

Near the center of this page is Subdomain/Domain Control. Select the “Yes” radio button and type in the new cname. The field will flash green if there are no issues.

Just note that sometimes it takes a little bit of time for your cname to propagate throughout the whole Internet, so you may need some patience.

Once that subdomain is in place, all of your IDX broker pages get new URLs.

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