When to Use a Widget or a Page

When to Use a Widget or a Page

IDX Broker offers two main types of content; widgets and pages. These are all great tools, if you know their primary focus. You certainly wouldn’t want to use a hammer to chop down and tree or a chainsaw to put up a picture frame.

Widgets are bits of code that run encapsulated applications. They typically run a single function of a larger software package. Widgets are available for everything – from local weather forecasts to displaying your Twitter feed.

IDX pages are complete webpages served up by IDX Broker that contain property or search information.

You can use widgets in IDX Broker to place property and contact details outside of the IDX pages.

The wonderful thing about widgets is they can wander. Unlike the content on your IDX Broker pages, widgets aren’t tied to your IDX subdomain; they’re independent bits of code that can be placed on any webpage.

Widgets are well-suited to areas like your homepage or an existing neighborhood page. Place widgets anywhere you want a splash of IDX content on your site.

IDX pages are a more complete solution that you can link to from your navigation. Pages have more details than can be displayed in a widget.

If you want some property content on a non-idx page, or a search elsewhere on your site, feel free to make widgets to fit your needs, but if you want extra information for your visitors or want a permanent page added to your navigation, then pages are the way to go.

We hope that this gave you a little more knowledge and that you are now able to use the IDX Broker tools more efficiently.

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