WordPress Plugin Installation

WordPress Plugin Installation


IDX Broker works with most content management systems, but works exceptionally well with WordPress. Learn hands-on all about the WordPress plugin installation. Install our IMPress plugin with this lesson and tie your IDX content into your WordPress site.

Get the Plugin

The plugin can be found in the WordPress repository. Log in to WordPress and select Plugins, and “add new”.

Perform a search for IDX Broker. It should look similar to this one.

install impress plugin

Just click the Install Now button, then select okay and Activate the plugin.

You’ve now installed the IMPress plugin, congrats. Now let’s put it to work.

Setup the Plugin

Select Settings and IDX Broker in your WordPress dashboard.

Two tabs are presented here. Select the Settings tab. We need to tell the plugin from which account to pull in the IDX information, so keep this window open and open your IDX Broker account in another window.

From your Home screen, just select the API Control sub-navigation. In big, bold green letters is your API key. Copy this and go back to your WordPress dashboard.

Paste the API key into the provided box.

Now your IDX Broker account is speaking to WordPress, so hit the Integration tab.

From here you can select all the IDX Broker pages that you would like to place in your WordPress menus.

Once you have selected your menu links, just select Save Changes.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy the integration of your IDX Broker content in WordPress.

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